The Key To Summer Comfort Is Servicing Your Air Conditioner

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Summertime is filled with good times, fun, and happiness. But it’s also filled with high temperatures – temps that can be almost unbearable at times. That’s why the miracle of air conditioning has been embraced by so many Americans. It offers a way to head inside and enjoy a reprieve from the summer heat. Of course, if your AC unit doesn’t work the way it should, enjoying those cooler temperatures will be a lot harder to do.

You need to think of your air conditioner in the same way that you think of your car. It’s a vital machine that adds a lot to your life, one that is very durable but that needs regular care to keep operating properly. Ignore those oil changes for too long and the engine may go, leaving you with a metal husk on wheels. The same goes for your AC unit – ignore regular maintenance and you’ll end up with a maze of vents and a chunk of metal and wiring that won’t lower the temperature in your home by a single degree.

Studies have found that for every year of an air conditioner’s usage it loses 5% of its efficiency. However, this is preventable and with regular maintenance you can keep your unit working exactly the way it should be. With regular, routine maintenance from a professional, AC units can actually maintain as much as 95% of their efficiency over their lifetime.

In other words, looking at a summertime maintenance call as an expense isn’t the right way to think. Instead, you need to look at it as an investment that can end up saving you money over a single year. That base fee for the service call will pay for itself and then some with lower energy costs each month.

A good service call will focus on a lot of different things. When your technician arrives, you can expect several steps to take place including:

  • Check of amperage draw of the compressor unit
  • A full check of operating pressures
  • Full check of temperature levels
  • Coolant level check and refill if needed
  • Cleaning of condensing unit coils
  • Belt adjustment

There’s a good reason to get summer maintenance during the warmer months, too. Most HVAC companies offer special rates during the summer, helping you save money in yet another way.

While getting a professional maintenance visit is a must, you also need to think about some other things that you could do throughout the year. The biggest thing you’ll want to do is buy quality filters and keep them changed. Budget filters can be alluring, but they can reduce efficiency, cause breakdowns, and more. Also be sure to keep the area around your outside unit clear of debris. And don’t block, close, or obscure return outlets or supply air outlets. Doing so can cause major issues.

With regular maintenance you’ll keep your unit working at peak efficiency and also be able to prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. It’s the key to enjoying your summer in every single way.

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