Five Tips to Prep Your HVAC System for Spring Time

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Spring time is on its way! During this time of year, many homeowners turn their attention to spring cleaning and preparing their homes for summer entertaining and activities. While you are getting ready to usher in the lazy days of summer, don’t forget to prepare your HVAC system, too. Invest a little time getting your HVAC system ready for the summer season with these five tips:


1.) Replace your filters.

Be sure to replace your HVAC filters to get ready for summer. During the months of high AC use, clean or replace your HVAC filters at least once every four weeks during periods of heavy use of your system. Dirty HVAC filters can cause your HVAC unit to freeze up during the summer, or your system may completely break down. Clean filters allow air to flow freely to the unit and can reduce the level of indoor air pollution by removing contaminants and particulates from the air.


2.) Evaluate your ductwork.

Your ventilation system, or “ductwork,” is an important part of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. With holes and leaks in the ducts, you continually lose air that you are paying to condition. Holes and duct cracks can cost you as much as 20 percent of your energy bill. Seal holes and cracks in the duct system and make sure all connectors are airtight.

Consider having professional air duct cleaning every few years. Ductwork collects dirt, dust, mold and a host of other contaminants. Professional air duct cleaning removes the pollutants from your ductwork, improving the quality of the air that you breathe. Duct cleaning also clears the ductwork, providing the free flow of air to the heating and air conditioning systems. With the free flow of air, your system is not required to work as hard to cool and heat the living space. Therefore, your system conserves energy and you save money on your utility bills.


3.) Test your air conditioner.

Before the hot summer days are here, test your air conditioning system by turning on and briefly running the unit. If your AC unit needs repairs, you will have some time to schedule a service call before the cooling season is in full force.


4.) Check for obstructions and clean around the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit of your HVAC system contains the compressor, the heart of the unit. Clear any obstructions away from the outdoor unit. Keep yard items, plants, bushes, bikes, and any other objects at least two feet away from the unit. Clear the debris that has collected around the unit and vacuum or blow leaves and dirt from inside the cage.


5.) Schedule your annual HVAC tune-up.

Keep your HVAC system running better and using less energy with an annual HVAC tune-up. Gurley and Son are available 24 hours a day and can come out and offer a free inspection for your HVAC system!