5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter!

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The weather outside maybe frightful, but your house should be warm and delightful. If you need help keeping the heat in your house this winter take a look at the tips below!

1. Weather-strip your doors.

In the living room, cold air can enter the house through the windows and also the floors. Weather-striping them will help keep your heat in and the cold out!

2. Seal baseboards and caulk windows.

The money you spend caulking the windows and baseboards will be nothing compared to the money you save on your heating bill! You can also buy a window sealing kit that includes clear plastic that you can use to keep heat in.

3. Wrap the water heater and ducts, insulate the pipes and change the filters.

Heat comes off of these pipes and if they are not properly insulated you are losing heat before it even gets in to the house!

4. Add a door sweep to rooms that you use less frequently.

This will help keep what heat you do have in the designated room and make your house feel overall cozier!

5. Get your furnace checked.

Having your HVAC system regularly checked will help not only keep your bills low and your house warm, but it will extend the life of your system.

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